easyEDI has a range of solutions for sending and receiving EDI file for you. A common factor is that they are affordabele but gives you a range of possibilities you will usually only find in much more expensive solutions.


webEDI is the solution to the if you have a to send or receive a small number of EDI documents. If your company only have to recive orders and send invoices and your company only has a few transactions each month webEDI is the perfect solution for you. webEDI is easy to use, quick to set up and most of all affordable. You can get started right away and you don’t know anything about EDI. More…


easyEDI is the solution for companies that have to send and receive other document types or have a larger number of transactions per month. Tha daily workload using the easyEDI solution is smaller, but the investment to get started is a little higher. easyEDI is the ideal solution for smaller companies that want to start using EDI right away but don’t want to get burried in EDI work themselves.  It is affordable to get started with easyEDI and the monthly cost is also far below the market price. As the need increases many customer switch to an autoEDI slution and you can bring you investment forward to an autoEDI solution. More…

easyEDI for e-conomics

easyEDI for e-conomcs is the ideal solution if you are running e-conomics. There is a direct integration into your e-conomics solution. EDI ordres that are received are written directly to your e-conomic and delivery notes or invoices created in your e-conomics is automatically sent as EDI in the correct formats. More…


autoEDI is the right solution for larger companies that want to have an higher degree of automation and may even want to create new EDI mappings themselves. autoEDI has a higher initial cost but it can be configured to run completely automatically creating a lights out EDI solution. At the same time you get a solution which you can be expanded by the company IT staff and can be used to automate any process in you company. More…

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