FAQ – Frequently asked questions
Question: I am looking at an easyEDI solution. What will I have to pay further to what you mention in the pricelist?

Answer: Nothing.

Question: I want an easyEDI solution. Which ERP systems can the solution integrate with?

Answer: If your ERP system can create a file with the information for the documents you want to send and if your ERP system can import a file and create a document based on the file we can integrate with your ERP system. We can work with almost all file formats both for outgoing and incomng documents. All it takes is that the necessary information is present in the file and that we can have a description of the file.

Question: How can you do it so cheap; the others I have checked have been far more expensive?

Answer: Of course we cannot tell you why the others are so expensive, but the reason why we are so cheap is that we use some very innovative solutions and think out of the box to keep the prices down.