easyEDI for e-conomic prices

e-conomic-logo-comPrices for an easyEDI solution for e-conomic are very simple.

When you are setting up a trading relationship with a business partner there is always a test phase where some documents are sent and received to make sure that the formats are compatible. If we do not already have the formats for your business partner defined we will cntact the business partner and go through the set up and testing of the formats.

You pay a fixed price for the setup and test of the EDI formats. Once we are up and running you pay a monthly subscription and a fee per sent or received document.

Price (USD) Price (EUR)
Setup fee per documenttype to a customer
600,– 500,–
Monthly subscription
40,– 30,–
Per sent or received EDI fil
0,50 0,40
The setup fee covers setting up the mappings between your file formats and the EDI file formats specified by your Business Partner and all contact to your Business Partner regarding approval of the formats of the EDI files.

We also turn your attention to our terms and conditions.