easyEDI for e-conomic

e-conomic-logo-comeasyEDI til e-conomic is the ideal solution for your EDI needs if you are an e-conomic user. It doesn’t matter what your EDI needs are as the easyEDI solution supports all EDI formats incl. EDIFACT, X12 and others.

easyEDI for e-conomic is completely integrated with e-conomic and is fully automated.

Incoming EDI (eg. if you receive an order)

Assume that you are going to exchange EDI files with a customer who want to send you a purchase order as EDI.

Once easyEDI for e-conomic has been set up all EDI orders sent to you will be received and interpreted on our server and will be read directly into your e-conomic. All you have to do is from time to time check if there are new orders in your e-conomic. If you want we can also send you an email every time you receive an EDI order in you e-conomic.

Outgoing EDI (eg. if you want to send an invoice)

When you have delivered the goods to the customer you will of course raise an invoice in your e-conomic. As soon as you do easyEDI for e-conomic will pick up a copy of the invoice from e-conomic and will create an invoice EDI file in the correct format for your customer based on the invoice. You don’t have to do anything else than raise the invoice in e-conomic; easyEDI for e-conomic does the rest.

When you want to start using EDI please contact easyEDI Ltd then we will help you get started.

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If you need EDI for your e-conomic solution please send us an email on  info@easyedi.dk or call us at +45 6089 7755, then we will find the best way to solve your EDI task.