easyEDI for Odoo

imageseasyEDI for Odoo is the first standard solution for integrating true EDI into Odoo (OpenERP). easyEDI for Odoo is the ideal solution for your EDI needs if you are using Odoo (OpenERP). No matter which EDI format you are using easyEDI will support your needs. easyEDI for Odoo (OpenERP) supports EDIFACT, X12, TRADACOM and a long range of business specific standards.

For Odoo (OpenERP) we have an App that you just need to install into Odoo (OpenERP). When the App has been installed there is a simple setup procedure and you are ready to use EDI through easyEDI.

easyEDI for Odoo works with both incoming EDI and outgoing EDI. easyEDI is a SaaS so all setup and processing of EDI happens on our server. You don’t need to know anything about EDI to use easyEDI for Odoo. easyEDI suports all the common EDI documents such as orders, despatch advices, invoices etc.

Incoming EDI (eg. you receive an order)

When you receive an order from a customer the EDI file is received on our server where it will be converted to a file suitable for easyEDI for Odoo. The file is delivered to you and the easyEDI for Odoo App automatically imorts the order into your Odoo (OpenERP). If you want we can also send you an email notification every time you receive an order.

Outgoing EDI (eg. you have to send an invoice)

Once yuo have delivered the goods you just have to raise an invoice in Odoo (OpenERP). The easyEDI for Odoo App will then automatically export the invoice into a file which is uploaded to our server where it is converted to the EDI format your secific customer uses and is delivered to the customer either through VAN, ftp or any other means your customer prefers. All you have to do is raise the invoice then easyEDI for Odoo takes over and takes care of the rest.

When you want to start using EDI with Odoo (OpenERP) please contact easyEDI Ltd and we will be happy to assist you.

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