easyEDI is the ideal solution for smaller companies with up to 20 EDI documents a day, or companies that are interested in the increased comfort and security from a semi automatic solution. The files are exported from your ERP system or imported into your ERP system semi manually. easyEDI supports alle EDI format including X12, EDIFAC and TRADACOM.

easyEDI works like this:

Incoming EDI (eg if you receive an order)
When you receive an EDI file the file will be received by on a server at easyEDI Ltd. We extract all the necessary information from the file so you can have enough information to import the order into your ERP sysem. We transform the information as needed and create a file that you can easily import into your ERP system and will send you the file either in an email, via ftp or some other method agreed upon. All you have to do is to import the file into your EP system to create the order with no keyinbg involved.

Outgoing EDI (eg if you need to send an invoice)
When the invoice has been created in your ERP system and need to be sent as EDI, you export a file from your ERP system and send it to easyEDI Ltd in an email or via ftp. Our systems will transform the file into an EDI file in the correct format for your customer and send it to the customer.

Fileformat is mutually agreed
We determine in advance which file format  is easy to export from and import into your ERP system. Maybe your ERP system can read and write XML files; then we can use that format. Maybe your ERP system can read and write CVS file, then we use that format. The file can be uploaded to an ftp server or can be sent in an email or any other method of transportation. We are very open to all different ways to do things; the important bit is that is has to suit you.

What about barcode numbers?
If you cannot keep the barcode numbers in your ERP system or if they are not exported into the files we can maintain a list of your barcode numbers and use them as appropriate when we convert the EDI files.

What do you have to do?
When you enter into an agreement with easyEDI Ltd we care of the conversion of the files to and from the agreed fileformat and we handle all the communication with your business partner regarding setup and approval of file formats.
The only thing you need to do yourself is:
  • If you do not already own an EDI address (a GLN) you need one. In some countries there are strict rules and a central agency that administers addresses and you need to pay for an address, in other countries it is very relaxed and you may use your phone number.
If you need to start using EDI please use contact ud via email  info@easyedi.dk or call us on +45 6089 7755