What is EDI

EDI is the process of exchanging business documents between companies electronically. By exchanging documents electronically you can experience a greatly reduced workload because you don’t have to key in documents into your ERP system. At the same time you will also experience a higher quality of data.

You can exchange ED documents following a number of standards. The most widespread are EDIFACT which is the primary stanrd in Europe and Asia and X12 which is the primary standard in the US. There are a number of other standards which are used in specific geographic areas of in specific lines of business; an example is TRADACOM which is used in the UK.

EDIFACT By far the most widespread standard in Europa and also widely used in Asia. You can send all kind of business documents suchs as purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices and so on with the EDIFACT standards. The EDIFACT standard exists in a number of version or dialects such as D96A, D98 and many more.
X12 By far the most widespread standard in the US. In X12 you can alse send all kind of business documents sucha as purchase orders, delivery notes and invoices, but the X12 standard also covers documents used in eg. healthcare and many other areas.
Others There are a number of local or line-of-business specific standards with varying propagation. It can be anything from standards such as TRADACOM to files with comma separated values or fixed length files used to send data to banks throughout Europe.

EDI Software
Common to the EDI standards is that they have been developed to be easy for computers to read and understand, but they are very har to understand for humans. If you are to exchange EDI documents with a business partner you need to have some EDI software that can read and write EDI files.
Most of the EDI solutions that have been in exitstance until now are rather expensive to use, either due to high cost of the software or a high cost to implement the various formats – or both. With the solutions provided by easyEDI Ltd it is suddently financially achiveable to start working with EDI. At the same time easyEDI Ltd supports all the EDI standards.
With the solutions from easyEDI Ltd also smaller companies can achieve the advantages you can get from using EDI. Please have a look at our solutions.

If you want to start using EDI right away or you want to hear more about easyEDI Ltd and our solutions you can send us an email on  info@nemedi.dk or call us on +45 6089 7755